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Product ID: SAS-TTR-310MC
Through the Roof Sealant
Through the Roof Sealant

Why Through The Roof?

Wind gusts and weather changes put your roof and solar array in constant dynamic motion.  Ashpalt roof caulks that dry out and crack can't absorb this movement, allowing leaks between your roof and roof penetrations.

6 reasons why it works:

  1. It has strong adhesion to rooftop fixtures as well as a wide variety of roofing materials
  2. It remains elastic which allows Through The Roof to absorb the movement your roof experiences.  It will not turn brittle in the sun or cold.
  3. It is waterproof - it repels water immediately after application and for years to come.
  4. It is clear, which means you can put it over tile, brick and shingles invisibly!  It won't blackend the look of rooftop fixtures.
  5. It has excellent UV resistance
  6. It lasts 2-3 times longer than asphalt roof sealants.
 Through The Roof Sealant

Through the roof has powerful adhesion, but stays elestic and rubbery.  It will twist, bend and stretch over gaps up to 2" wide, or compress to absorb just about any movement a home can dish out.

What is it made From? 

Through the Roof! is a clear synthetic rubber-based product.  It contains no fillers or extenders and is not an asphalt.  It cures by solvent release to an elastic rubber.  Vapors can be flammable up to 24 hours after application.  NOTE: Through the roof is a "Thermoplastic Rubber Coating".

For more information, please download the brochure here! (pdf)

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