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Product ID: PSX240
Outback PSX240 Autotransformer
Outback PSX240 Autotransformer
The OutBack PSX-240 auto transformer can be used for step-up, step-down, generator and split phase output balancing or as a series stacked inverter to load balancing auto-former. Incorporating a transformer with 120 volt/30 amp primary and secondary side, a temperature activated cooling fan and a 25 amp dual breaker in a steel enclosure, the PSX-240 is ready to install in your custom application. Use for 120 or 240 VAC 60 Hz systems only.

Powering 240 volt items like deep well pumps with a single 120 volt inverter is possible thanks to the PSX-240’s step-up capability. Its step-down feature allows you to charge your batteries with a 240 volt generator through a single 120 volt inverter. The PSX-240’s ability to balance the output of series stacked inverter/chargers makes it a critical item when using the OutBack stacking 120/240 VAC configuration. The X-240 is also available without the enclosure, for installation inside the PS2AC or PS4AC enclosures.

Installation Options:

 Outback PSX240 Transformer

PSX240 Installation Options

Price: $888.06
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