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Product ID: MATE
Outback MATE System Controller
Outback MATE System Controller
The Outback MATE is a complete system controller and display for both the Outback inverter/charger and MX60 charge controller.  It provides a display of the operation as well as allows control and adjustment of the setpoints of the inverter.  The Outback MATE also coordinates the operation of the entire system to maximize performance and to prevent multiple products from conflicting.

 A single Outback MATE is able to connect to multiple FX inverter/chargers, MX60 charge controllers and any other power conversion and control products offered in the future.  A maximum of 10 Outback products are able to be connected to a single MATE via CAT 5 / ethernet type cabling and the Outback HUB communication manager.

The Outback MATE includes a 4 line backlit LCD display with 80 alphanumeric characters.  This allows multiple measurements to be displayed at the same time and reduces the amount of abbreviations required, simplifying the operation and reducing confusion.  All of the programmed setpoints are stored in permanent memory to eliminate the need to reprogram the system after a shutdown or battery replacement.

 Outback Mate

 The Outback MATE also includes a buit-in real time clock and calendar which allows programming of the inverter operation based on the time of day and even day of the week.  This can be used to allow the system to work with time of day power rates or to limit a generator's run time to a specific time period of the day or week.


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