Newsletter - October 2007

Soaring Canadian Dollar offers Both Opportunities and Challenges

I doubt there are many Canadians that have not been affected by the virtual parity of the Canadian and US dollars. The relatively sudden drop in value of the American green back against foreign currencies has presented Canadians (in particular) with the opportunity to save money through buying products from American retailers.

Renewable energy products from the USA are particularly alluring. This is because the relatively small Canadian renewable energy market suddenly has access to the much larger and more competive market in (primarily) the Southwestern United States.

In response to this trend, we here at the R.E. Source Store, along with our Canadian distribution network have worked hard to narrow or eliminate the gap between the Canadian and American prices. While we don't have the volume that some of the larger US distributors enjoy, we are consistantly negotiating better prices for our customers. We feel that our list prices, combined with reduced shipping fees, no customs, brokerage or duty fees, and faster warranty response; all combine to give our customers the best value for their purchases.

The challenge for us and other Canadian retailers to remain competitive is significant. There may even be many Canadian companies that will close operations here in response to the negative impact of the high dollar. One thing is sure; the trend of lower prices will continue, and this will ultimately better serve our customers and continue to grow the industry in Canada as a whole.

Best wishes for you and your family,


The R.E. Source Store