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  Canadian Solar Industries Association
  The Canadian Solar Industries Association is a national organization supported by industry members, the public and government agencies. For more than 25 years, CANSIA members from all segments of the solar industry have joined together to support, promote and advance all forms of solar energy for the benefit of Canadians and the environment


Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre

Everdale is an organic farm and environmental learning centre. It is registered under the Ontario Corporations Act as a non-profit, educational organization. Its purpose is to teach sustainable living practices and operate an exemplary organic farm. Everdale offers a variety of hands-on educational experiences:

  • Farm Apprenticeships
  • Weekend courses and workshops
  • School programs (matched to provincial curriculum K-8)
  • Educational tours for the public
Everdale Environmental Learning Centre

The Everdale classroom is a fifty-acre property. It encompasses a working organic farm, mixed livestock, a model home, classroom, forests and meadows. It boasts demonstration models of operating, sustainable technologies. The teachers are specialists in the areas of straw bale construction, solar and wind systems, farming, and eco-landscaping.


The Kortright Centre for Conservation

The Kortright Centre for Conservation is Ontario’s premier environmental and renewable energy education and demonstration centre.

Since 1982, the Kortright Centre has been a centre of excellence in the field of sustainable technology. The sustainable technology education programs are anchored around The Power Trip Trail, a 1.6 kilometre trail which links a variety of demonstrations on renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste water treatment and sustainable building design.

The Kortright Centre for Conservation is located at 9550 Pine Valley Drive in Woodbridge. Pine Valley Drive is located south of Major Mackenzie Drive, west of Highway 400.

The Kortright Centre works with individuals and communities to accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices by providing educational programs, demonstrations and partnerships:

  1. to instill an awareness and appreciation of the natural world;
  2. to develop an understanding of the relationships between healthy ecological systems and our lifestyles;
  3. to demonstrate practical, relevant and leading edge sustainable technologies and practices;
  4. to motivate and support individuals, organizations, government and business to adopt sustainable options and actions; and
  5. to develop leaders, champions, projects and programs in the community that accelerates the transformation of the Toronto region into the most sustainable community in the world.