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Power Panels are a pre-wired assembly of an inverter, AC and DC disconnects mounted to a steel back plate.  Most can be ordered to include multiple inverters, charge controllers, or lightning arrestors.  They are easy to install, and have the advantage of an available CSA approval on the complete panel, which makes them easier to acheive inspection approval for do-it-yourself or contractor installed system.  All power panels require a battery bank.

Your choice of Power Panel should be based on:

  • Do you need modified or pure sine wave power to run you equipment?
  • Do you want to connect your power panel to the grid?
  • Do you want to "net meter"?
  • Do you need to allow for system expansion?

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Midnite Solar E-Panel Chassis with Magnum and Outback Inverter/Chargers


Power Panel Accessories consist of hardwired additions to your power panel order. Lightning arrestors, breakers, charge controllers, etc...